About Megan

You could say that I fell hard for Africa.

I went on my first trip to Africa in 2009 to participate in a long distance self-supported bike tour in Mali and came home with two unexpected souvenirs:  my front tooth in a small plastic pillbox and a third degree burn on my right calf. Somewhere on the dusty roads outside of Bandiagara, I closed my eyes to feel the rush of wind as I raced downhill and when I looked up I was lying on the pavement staring at my tooth. The bike accident was followed in comic succession by an unfortunate encounter with a motorcycle.

I finished the bike tour in the backseat of a cart that was being pulled by a donkey.  A less than graceful finale.

Despite the injuries, West Africa quickly got under my skin.  Along with two of my dearest friends, I have biked, hitchhiked, and walked my way around Senegal, Ghana, and Sierra Leone.

In September 2011, I moved to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania to work for a legal aid clinic.  My contract ended in April 2012 and I am going to spend the next six months traveling in Eastern and Southern Africa.

I have no idea what the future holds, but I hope to return to Canada with all of my teeth intact.


47 responses to “About Megan”

  1. Katharina says :

    Hello Megan, I hope you’re having a marvellous time in Dar. I saw your blog by chance when i googled “Contact Lenses in Tanzania”. Aehm. True story. Great photos by the way! I have a huge problem. In the 6 weeks I’ve been here, 2 pairs of monthly lenses ruptured. I urgently need another pair. As a fellow contactlens wearer: How do you order them. Do you know a place in town (Mlimani City?) where I could get them as quick as possible?
    An answer would be much appreciated. I am blind. And that is no fun with all the beauty surrounding me.
    Cheers! Kat

  2. wall of controversy says :

    Hi Megan, and thanks for sharing your beautiful photos. Hope you’re enjoying your time in Tanzania. I also visited Dar a few years ago and wrote a short travelogue about my own adventures (which included a safari). I posted it up as a page on my blog:

    Have fun, James.

  3. kamielverwer says :

    Hello strange blogger 🙂

    What kind of legal aid centre is that and would they be interested in attracting other skilled volunteers?


    Kamiel Verwer, founder of charity travel and blogger 🙂

  4. elbaloo says :

    Well I don’t need contacts. I ended up here cos my gf told me… “I want to go to Africa” and passed me a link to “The places in between.” Loved the fell hard story, I really lol’d.

    Greetings from Mexico!
    P.S. Stay away from the bikes (or just don’t close your eyes while biking) XD

  5. peaceofmymindparent says :

    On this dark, frosty New England morning, your blog really transported me. It gave me some much needed perspective about my own first world whinging, too. Keep posting–your blog is important.

  6. kitkatlikereflexes says :

    I really enjoy your blog! The photos, your wrtiting style… Very captivating! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  7. hungary for adventure says :

    Dear Megan, I am truly captivated by your blog. I wish I could hop on a plane to Tanzania right now. What wonderful insights you provide into life in Africa. I was particularly touched by your description of the courage of women and girls in the slum.

  8. mamaproud says :

    Because I enjoy visiting your site and reminiscing about Dar Es Salaam I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award on my blog, mamaproud.net.

  9. The Hook says :

    Good luck to you and your teeth, Megan!

  10. Maia says :

    Love your blog! I am traveling to tanzania for the entire month of February! I can’t wait to see this beautiful country. I have been all over Africa…but Tanzania has always been top on my list! Keep up the great work!

  11. SavannahJual says :

    Hello Megan!
    My name’s Savannah– nice to meet you! I just discovered your blog and I’m loving it! I spent three weeks in Kenya this summer and the largest part of my blog is devoted to my journal entries that I wrote while on the trip. I too have a deep, unexpected love for Africa and it is so good to read about it here on your blog! I miss Kenya so much– your pictures and your stories make me terribly nostalgic.

    Thank you for sharing! I hope we can connect in the future!

    Kwa heri!

  12. erinspacemuseum says :

    Hey Megan – we’re your neighbors this year in Morogoro – – somehow found your blog today while we’re in Dar for the weekend – – – your photos are great. Give us a buzz if you’re out our way – we’ll put you up and cook you dinner. I think you can track me/email address etc. back to my wordpress blog through this post. (ps – i was a Peace Corps volunteer in Mali about 15 years ago – i maintained my teeth but also got a variety of bad burns 😦 –)

  13. metgorilla says :

    enjoying your blog — i just got here a week ago, and due to go back to the US mid january — truly having a great time here, hoping to have some time to see some of the sights before i depart.
    I have posted some of my thoughts on my blog (bit of a travelogue, thoughts on futbol and social media analytics) stop on by! http://viajesperegrinos.wordpress.com

  14. Xyldrae says :

    Dear Megan,

    I must say, you’re quite an adventurer. It’s also nice that you share all these experiences. Hello! there’s this “Versatile Blogger Award” being passed on along wordpress blogs. I’ve just received on and now I’m passing it on to you: http://poetry.xyldrae.com/2012/01/04/the-versatile-blogger-award/ hope you appreciate it as much as I did.

  15. AK says :

    Hey Megan,
    Great blog. I saw that you mention a book club somewhere – I have been looking for one for ages! Is it open to more members? If so, how can I join? Let me know. Thanks, AK.

    • Megan says :

      Sure, you are welcome to join our book club. I think the next meeting is scheduled for Thursday January 26th. I will send you an email with some details.

      • Josephine says :

        Hi Megan

        I am here in Dar es Salaam, randomly came across your blog, i love the photos from the fish market, is it possible to join your book club too?

        best Josephine

      • Megan says :

        Hi Jospehine,
        You sure can. Our next meeting is next Wednesday and we are reading 1984 (its available for free online). I will send you an email with the details.

  16. aixecantelpolze says :

    Hope you are ok if I link your blog in my site… 🙂 I love it! And I read always I can! Have a nice time there in Dar and keep posting!

  17. barefoot_med_student says :

    I love hearing about people who love Africa as much as I do. And I live and was born here, so I’m biased.
    Excellent blog, I’ll be keeping a lookout!

  18. Kim says :

    Hi Megan.

    I’m not sure if you’re interested or will even be in the area at the time, but please find below a link to an educational summit being organised by the school that my kids attend in Sydney, Australia:


    The summit is to be held in Kigali, Rwanda from 24 – 26 May, 2012.

    Having lived in that general region of Africa I’m sure you now have some great insights and no doubt your input would be incredibly valuable.

    Even if you cannot attend it may be good to spread the word.

    Take care.

    Cheers, Kim*


    • Megan says :

      Wow, thanks Kim. That looks amazing. I think my travels will take to Malawi in the latter half of May, but I will spread the word to friends who live in Dar.

  19. Blood-Ink-Diary says :

    Incredible story! Yes, Dar has a special affect on many lives – It’s where I hail from! Now living in Toronto, heart and soul in Dar! Thanks for sharing your journey in Africa with us. Enjoy the red earth of my Africa. Cheers.

  20. Alyse Lamparyk says :

    What an amazing story! I traveled through Ghana from August to November last year and loved it. I’m jealous that you’re still there–for now I will live vicariously through you as I plan my return.

  21. Lu says :

    Congratulation about your blog.
    You need to travel to Brazil.
    My blog
    Best regards.

  22. Mohamed Bouchikhi says :

    Hi Megan,
    I liked very much your pictures and your ambition towards spending time in Africa, I know it’s not easy because I am from the North ^Algeria^. As African (proud of it), most of the youth look towards Europe or the US looking to improve their lives and experience better conditions etc…, but after living in the west for years and traveling around European countries and Caribbean’s islands, African’s nostalgia starts calling me and your pictures reminded me some villages where I spent portions of my childhood…, may be I am getting old
    Thank you Megan

  23. mskante says :

    Hi Megan,
    I came across your blog on “Fresh Press” and thought your pictures of Mozambique were amazing! I’ve never seen photographs of the country and thought it was beautiful. Thank you for that.

    I am also happy that you had a great experience in West Africa especially Ghana, my homeland. Where did you go and what regions did you visit?

    Good luck and happy travels!


    • Megan says :

      Thanks! I spent most of my time on the Cape Coast, which was beautiful. Where in Ghana are you from?

      • mskante says :

        Oh wow, did you visit Elmina?? I am half Ga and half Builsa. Do you have plans to go back?

      • Megan says :

        Yes, I loved Elmina! No plans to go back in the near future, but I hope to be able to go back to West Africa soon. I love that side of the continent.

      • mskante says :

        Yes, i hope you do. I’m happy you were able to have a positive experience.

  24. maidstonejewelry says :

    Great blog! Brings back memories of where I grew up: Uganda!

  25. The Wanderlust Gene says :

    Megan, over here in the Blogosphere, it’s Awards Season, and I couldn’t not add your fabulous blog to my list of nominations for the Versatile Blogger Award. I won’t be upset if you can’t find the time to play, but if you can, pop over to check it out: https://thewanderlustgene.wordpress.com/2012/05/31/confessions-awards-and-the-atlas-game/

  26. myporridge says :

    Hello Megan! I am just about to embark upon an African adventure (I am so so excited!) and have written a little bit about it as my first blog post, I was wondering if you have time … could you give me any advice on what to do, where to go when I’m in Ghana, Kenya and Tanz? my plans so far are on my blog xxxxx

  27. Fatimah says :

    hi…was also searching contact lenses and found ur blog 🙂 enjoyed it!…

    is it possible to join the book club too?

    wher do u guys meet for Book club and how often?

    am south african n living in Dar atm…

    tx tc

    • Megan says :

      Hi Fatimah,
      I am no longer in beautiful Dar but I have passed your email address onto my friend who runs the book club.

  28. Jenny says :

    Hi Megan,
    I came across your blog while looking up east africa travel. I have loved reading about your experiences as a female traveler all over east africa and I’m about to depart for my first trip to Africa next Tuesday. I’m 30 and based in SF and have always wanted to travel to Africa. I’ve decided to visit Tanzania and Uganda and I have a little under 2 months of travel time. I’m nervous and scared and unsure of what to expect. If you still read this, would you mind emailing me? My email address is jlhoffma@gmail.com.

    I woud love to hear more about your experience as a solo traveler in Africa.


  29. We Are 2Fit2 Quit says :

    Enjoy your travels!

  30. Zehra says :

    After 18 yrs living in the US I’m moving to Dares salaam. We are all upset. Three kids 14,6,8. Have no clue what to expect. Many questions, can you help? Nice blog!


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