15 billion dollars

Today I sold my watch for 15 billion dollars.

15 billion Zimbabwean dollars.

When the Zimbabwean economy collapsed in 2009, the highest note printed was for 1 trillion dollars.  Shortly thereafter, the country switched to the American dollar.  The trillion dollar notes are now sold to tourists for about $5 USD.  The ten and five billion dollar notes go for a bit less.

One of the touts at Victoria Falls took a liking to my plastic watch and offered me 15 billion for it.  How could I say no to an offer like that?


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5 responses to “15 billion dollars”

  1. CubeThink says :

    I once kept that in my wallet to remind me what having a billions dollars really ment. Don’t spend it all in one place.(insert smiley)

  2. Anarya Andir says :

    Oh boy – I was used to handing out notes with thousands, ten thousands and hundred thousands in Zambia, but this is just insane. But of course, Zimbabwe’s situation was real bad at that time. A memory to keep!

  3. travelerlynne says :

    A reminder of an economy falling like the rocks at Motopos.

  4. a choice to change the world says :

    wow, this is very interesting!

  5. a choice to change the world says :

    Reblogged this on Caravictoria’s Weblog and commented:
    a spectacular documentation of adventure.

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