Pictures of pictures

I have spent the past week with friends KL and JL, who flew in from Dar to meet me in Maputo.  We spent the week stuffing ourselves with seafood, cheese plates, egg tarts, and sushi.  Maputo is a wonderful city with vibrant sidewalk cafes, great muic, and fantastic public art.  It was made all the better with good friends.

Late one afternoon, we stumbled across a photography exhibition at the old fort in central Maputo.  The exhibition, put on by Associação Defendendo os Nossos Direitos, aims to raise awareness about albinism in Africa. Albinos are widely discriminated against in East and Southern Africa, where there are many misunderstandings about the condition.  In Tanzania, for example, more than 60 albinos have been killed since 2007.

Here are some pictures I took at the exhibition.


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9 responses to “Pictures of pictures”

  1. megmayer says :

    Megan, this post is incredible, as all of yours are. It’s tragic and heart wrenching. And mind blowing that this discrimination exists. Such a sad part of this world. But very, very real.

  2. barefoot_med_student says :

    Oh, such beautiful pictures! Yeah, here in South Africa I have also seen much discrimination against children and adults with albinism. Parents sometimes abandon them at birth, and if they don’t their neighbourhoods and schools often ostracize them, believing that they are cursed.
    The problem with this, besides the psychological trauma, is of course that these individuals often don’t get the specialised medical care they need.

  3. Liz H says :

    It’s great when photography is used to bring awareness – a powerful medium.

  4. Kieran Gracie says :

    When I lived in Tanzania I occasionally saw an albino and immediately felt enormous pity for him (they always seemed to be males). It was only ever in a town or city (Arusha, Moshi, Dar) – never in the countryside. The prejudice was intense. Tanzanian friends agreed that it was bad and illogical but saw no way of stopping it. Photo exhibitions like this one are a great idea and should help. I certainly pray that they manage to do so eventually.

  5. travelerlynne says :

    According to an article in Scientific American some of the attacks against albinos in Tanzania are motivated by the belief that blood and certain body parts contain magical powers. You can imagine the rest. I did see one albino man on the streets in Arusha five years ago.What was surreal was that he was wearing a white suit. The photo exhibition is indeed a beginning. Thanks for sharing.

  6. carolanneb says :

    To be honest I was surprised by the number of Albinos that I saw whilst in Tanzania. Lets hope that there will be more exhibitions like this and that they help to end the discrimination! Great pictures!

  7. glasgowgal says :

    Egg tarts! Yay! Thanks for another great post and beautiful photos of the exhibition.

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