When a week is not enough

I am tempted to quit everything and move to the wonderful Ilha de Moçambique for a year.


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156 responses to “When a week is not enough”

  1. Brett Williams says :

    Nothing beats the texture of peeling paint. And those vibrant colours! I’m sure I could spend weeks photographing this place.

  2. Emily says :

    It looks fascinating. What’s its story?

    • Megan says :

      It is an island off the coast of Northern Mozambique and is the former capital of colonial Portuguese East Africa. There were historical trade connections with Madagascar and India, so the culture (and food) is very interesting…The entire island is now a UNESCO world heritage site.

  3. willtravelwithkids says :

    We spend a couple wonderful nights on Ilha in 2010. Not much changes there. We have pictures of exactly the same sites. The slowest pace of life anywhere with very few tourists. Glad you made it! Your photos do it justice!

  4. jumpwhenisay says :

    These photographs are amazing, great composition and color combinations

  5. Andrea Nix says :

    You make me teary-eyed almost every time. Why? I don’t know.

  6. Mikalee Byerman says :

    Such vivid colors and beautiful faces…I can definitely see why a week would not be nearly long enough!

  7. Carlie Chew says :

    Gorgeous pictures. I love the picture of the boys on the bike.

  8. OH!PEN says :

    I totally feel and agree like the title of your post: a week is not enough!
    Ciao, and thank you for all your beautiful pictures!

  9. OH!PEN says :

    Reblogged this on OH!PEN and commented:
    We totally agree!!!!

  10. Andreas Moser says :

    Quitting and moving to another place is a great idea!
    I have quit my job as a lawyer (http://andreasmoser.wordpress.com/2009/07/31/sabbatical/) and despite the drop in income, I am happy I did. I can move whenever, wherever I want.

  11. lechehelsinki says :

    Fantastic images, great post.


    You’ve got some amazing pictures here. Definitely adding this to my “places to go” list. Thanks =)

  13. John Todaro says :

    lots of great colors and texture. nice images

  14. Elizabeth says :

    Wow… how can a week be enough? The pictures are beautiful!

  15. juststartwithmonday says :

    I would say ‘pack your bags and go’ The water alone would draw me there.
    You Matter! Smiles, Nancy

  16. thefuture2020 says :

    Fascinating work, i like the Cafe logo though that was hot. Seems like you caught a very peaceful side to that area so i can see how one get get a little too comfortable for their own good. Sunsets a nice touch though -,o


  17. triptracker says :

    Looking at the details in the photos I wonder what it would this place be like in pristine condition. The photo with the lamppost wants you to feel the tranquility of the sea but you notice the missing posts and broken bench. Leaves you with such mixed emotions

  18. jooy says :

    Beautiful photos, colors, textures.

  19. Courtney Hosny says :

    I’ll go too! The pics looks so beautiful!
    Courtney Hosny

  20. casbrid says :

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    Guys please what do you think?

  21. Peter Minde says :

    Wonderful photographs. They make me want to visit, even though I’m more of a cold weather person.

  22. mcolmo says :

    Beautiful photos. Thanks for posting them.

  23. roberto88264 says :

    Unique. Amazing photos. Compliments. Greetings from Italy, just south of Venice.

  24. ignasio lupoafricano says :


  25. Jnana Hodson says :

    In my moves around the country, I’ve found it takes at least a year to discover the “real” place — the restaurants, shops, galleries, parks and trails, etc. the visitors never find. If you’ve ever lived in a tourism destination or a college campus, you come to savor the off-season or ‘tween semesters for the same reasons. So what are the smells and tastes and surprises in this journey to such an unexpected destination? I love settling into places away from the well-beaten path!

  26. e.v. de cleyre says :

    I think the “Cafe Central” photograph is my favorite; simple and elegant. Great post! – e.v.

  27. arranqhenderson says :

    Very nice piece, and a beautiful country. I was there for 5 weeks a few years back and I loved it. The capital is very run down but still full of amazing architecture, (unlike most large African cities it has to be said) It has lovely baroque and Art Deco buildings and even a lovely 19th century railway station by Gustave Eiffel. Further North, the diving off Imhambane province is probably the best in the world. I’d encourage anyone who can to go to Mozambique. Do a little research beforehand, so we can all travel generously and responsibly, and still have a blast. Africa is amazing. Very nice blog, keep up the good work.

    • Megan says :

      I’m in Inhambane right now and heading to Maputo next week. I’m really looking forward to the capital!

      • arranqhenderson says :

        You’ll love Maputo I think. You might be shocked at the poverty, & incidentally, at the level of prostitution, (almost ubiquitous) but the city & the people are great, and as I said much of the architecture is beautiful. I believe they sometime have concerts in that lovely old rail station building (the one designed by Eiffel) – that might be worth checking out?

  28. viageiros says :

    The beauty, joy and drama of the place were well captured by your photos. Congratulations!

  29. Max says :

    Well, I nearly jumped out of my seat when I saw this post. I actually did live there for a year. Good to see it getting some publicity – I’ve been back in Australia for a year now and was starting to wonder if I just imagined ilha! It is a unique place in the world, although it is an enormously complicated place to live.

    If you are seriously considering living there, the volunteer program I did was a minimum of six months and can be viewed here: http://www.azlera.org/blog/
    The program involves running a small after-school centre where your goal is to give extra classes to some of the most promising students on the island. You can also conduct all sorts of new initiatives that you want to bring to the island. A new volunteer just started with the project, so a position would only become available in at least six months time. Also, you’d need to learn Portuguese!

    Nice photos and enjoy your travels!

    • Megan says :

      Lucky you! I can imagine it is actually very complicated place to live. I’ve got a bit too much on my plate right now to volunteer for six months, but thanks for the info!

  30. hodgepodge4thesoul says :

    I agree, a week is not enough-need a life time to explore and take in the exquisite beauty. Wonderful post…

  31. Anna says :

    Wow! I can’t get over the amazing colours in your photographs!
    Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!

  32. Anarya Andir says :

    Is a week ever enough to go around a country? Never. I know exactly how that feels. I wish a human’s lifespan were longer to go around the earth forever. Great post and photos! I miss Mama Africa.
    Congrats for being on Freshly pressed!

  33. broboniface says :

    How lovely to see pictures like yours. I lived in Tanzania from 1984-90 in Mtwara. I remember the beautiful views and the dilepidated buildings and the mostly happy faces of the people there. I also have been in Kenya and even down to the Victoria Falls. Africa IS beautiful country just wish the people there a bit more prosperity to be able to enjoy an easier life with more hope for their children.

  34. dreamz infra says :

    nice pic’s specially that bicycle one…

  35. sheokhanda says :

    really nice pics. The architecture reflects the times of colonial era.

  36. suzukimiho says :

    Awww these are all very charming!

  37. flats for sale in bangalore says :

    Im Love in It!!nice blog…..

  38. AdLibber says :

    Beautifully composed shots. It is really artistic. It looks like as if time had stood still in that place. Yet the children and people shots tell of an untold vibrance of the place. I really love the images and imagery.

  39. umanbn says :

    Wow….beautiful shots. The place looks incredible, although maybe its one of those places that would be great to paint but maybe not so nice to live in? Reminds me of my trip to Senegal, similar colours, light and people….

  40. dakrizzz says :

    A week is not enough, a month is not enough….Life isn’t enough! :S

  41. aaliyanamiya says :

    lovely pictures, simply awesome !! 🙂

  42. sthowell says :

    The photo of the child with the repaired plastic bucket says a lot about the resourcefulness of people living on an isolated island. I’ll bet the food there is wonderful.

    • sthowell says :

      Brain mis-fire–I don’t know why I said island. Please disregard my last comment.

    • Megan says :

      You got it right – it is an island about 3 kilometres off the coast of Mozambique. It is accessible via a very narrow bridge. And you’re also right about the food. It is amazing. Think lobster kebabs.

  43. hoanggaara says :

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  44. berlinbeast says :

    Hi. I just logged on and saw your post. My family was at Ilha just in March – beautiful place indeed. I enjoyed your pictures!

  45. Trinity River says :

    I could definitely stay there more than a week.

  46. agirlcalledemily says :

    Such gorgeous photos!

  47. Sofie Marklund says :

    Beautiful! You should ALWAYS follow your dreams!
    Btw, I LOVE the picture of the boy with the bucket, great job!

  48. JPanda says :

    I feel for you when you say “a week is not enough”, I agree!

    Great pics btw 😉

  49. Richard McCargar says :

    Great photos and congrats on being freshly pressed.

  50. AniShah says :

    The photographs have truly captured the essence of island living. I recently returned from North India which was similar; endless photographic opportunities… I snapped 8000 in 6 weeks! A few are up at ani-shah.com, feel free to peek

  51. Electric Echo says :

    Your post’s title is really what begged to be click on for for me. I know the feeling. I’m glad I did click on it though. Beautiful pictures!

  52. Nahed Omer says :

    Nice pictures.

    The chair that is in front of the beach is for me, don’t take it please.

    I love sight of the beach

  53. Bountiful Giving says :

    Beautiful pictures and yes, I think I could spend a few months each year soaking up the colors! Thanks for the trip!

  54. mudlips says :

    Nice emotive street photography, these pictures all evoke stories. Nicely done and congrats on being Freshly Pressed.

  55. LanieKay says :

    Great photos! Thanks for that – I’ve actually never even heard of the island, but will have to check it out!

  56. dawnwalkers says :

    Your photographs are gorgeous – the colors and the perspectives are beautiful. I’m trying to include nature photos with each of my blog posts, do you have any tips for getting more interesting shots?

  57. iamtakie says :

    seems like an awesome place to visit with, tnx for sharing!

  58. digitalplayground9067 says :

    Reblogged this on digitalplayground9067.

  59. stspectator says :

    Such a nice old feel to this place…………Very nice pictures

  60. emexllc says :

    Beautiful photos!

  61. Benda Bertuah says :

    nice pict and post 🙂 greetings

  62. wewerenothing says :

    Looks a lot like Cuba!!!!

  63. lifecruiser says :

    Those old flaky buildings….and the wonderful people! Awesome photo opportunities, so of course: this place would demand at least several weeks.

  64. apartments in bangalore says :

    fantastic photography…

  65. Shaaban Fundi says :

    YAY!! Beautiful Pictures. I lived in Mtwara for awhile but never had the chance to go to Mosambique. Lovely pictures of the buildings and people. Check http://www.kibogoji.com sometimes. I am from Tanzania originally. Cheers!!

  66. dorothyadele says :

    Beautiful photos!

  67. aroomazainab says :

    Beautiful pictures 🙂

  68. Paige Sitwell says :

    So very beautiful.

  69. ishg says :

    Mocambique has got some of the most energetic kids, eh? 🙂

  70. Kathy says :

    First picture, I thought it was Greece. Proved Mozambique has the charms as well. Cool pics.

  71. Sylviee says :

    Amazing photo’s! It’s gotten me all excited for my trip to Mozambique in August..I’m only there for a day or two but these pictures make me want to extend my stay there!

  72. Ewa says :

    We are running every day, trying to reach unreachable. And there, in other, poorer countries, people are happier, appreciate what they have, smile. I fully understand why you are tempted by this. I though exactly the same being in Thailand. But I am a coward. At least now, to do that. Maybe some day…

  73. jeseris says :

    You photos are so beautiful.
    I was in Mozambique a couple years ago and seeing your photos reminds me of the draw I have to go back..Thank you.

  74. Kirsten Dinesen says :

    Lovely shots…such warmth and personality….well done!!

  75. moodybluebird says :

    Lovely blog. Beautiful photos 😀

  76. scoopingthoughts says :

    Beautiful colors..beautiful scenes..u have a mastermind for photography!

  77. Lisa Gan says :

    I’m planning a year out to do nothing but travel and relax, these pics are truly inspiring

  78. Texas Rambler says :

    Great photos… Thanks

  79. Mia Lloyd says :

    I love your blog! This pictures are awesome!!

  80. The` Htut Win says :

    Awesome blog i really like this

  81. 5th Grade Teacher says :

    The sewn bucket is pretty telling.

  82. Alan says :

    what a different lifestyle

  83. Liz Gray says :

    Beautiful pictures! What kind of camera do you use? Most impressed!

  84. EK Photography & Art says :

    Those are amazing! Great job 🙂

  85. hening says :

    good pict,…
    i know a place like this :
    blue sky, sun shine, good beach, old buildings, slow and lazy pace every where

  86. thebumblefiles says :

    I was immediately drawn to your gorgeous pictures. It truly looks like an enchanted place from another time. I enjoyed your bike tour story as well. What an adventure! If you’re interested in a story about another fall please visit my blog at http://thebumblefiles.wordpress.com. Best of luck to you. Great post!

  87. Shofar says :

    Your photographs would make beautiful paintings! You’re a great photographer!

  88. gabriel roybal says :

    when 10 weeks is not enough!

  89. kleedorfer says :

    great pictures! must have been a very special week. I was in Mocambique and Tanzania in 1995, but this Island must top all of this.

  90. Alyssa says :

    Beautiful place; simple and charming. The neighborhood seemed so friendly. Nice photos, by the way. 🙂

    colorado springs divorce lawyers

  91. Ms Tina and Bear Bones says :

    Beautiful pictures from a beautiful place… 🙂

  92. Jennifer Avventura says :

    Sounds great, Ill come with you!

  93. Dreamz Infra says :

    I was immediately drawn to your gorgeous pictures. It truly looks like an enchanted place from another time.

  94. tabletalks says :

    I’m absolutely sure: a week is not enough! 🙂

  95. Itz me Harman says :

    I really Like the kids in the pictures….. Nice Post
    Harmandeep Singh

  96. fringewalk says :

    Beautiful pictures that convey a real sense of the place – thank you! And congratulations on being pressed :)) Well deserved!

  97. 3rdCultureChildren says :

    Beautiful photos! Our family lived in Mozambique for 3 years (last one, husband had to return to Washington, DC, so I stayed with our 2 toddlers for an extra year); and we loved every second… Your photos do justice to the beauty of the island… Congrats!
    Greetings from (currently) Recife, Brazil

  98. segmation says :

    Interesting digital picture of the little boy with the bucket on his head. What balance!! Thanks for showing me a world that I will not get a chance in my lifetime to go to. http://www.segmation.wordpress.com

  99. farcryfromperfect says :

    This isn’t your first time to be freshly pressed, is it? And no wonder – your photos make me want to pack up and go right now. 🙂

  100. Dominique Vaz says :

    That does look wonderful!

  101. leahgraceobrien says :

    The tarnished colors are remarkable…

  102. aubdawg says :

    Amazing photos!

  103. Moonday Letters says :

    The scenes in the photos make one long for a simpler place.

  104. erinmotz says :

    What vibrant colors!! Amazing!

  105. the usual bliss says :

    The smiles you’ve captured on film are contagious. Thanks for sharing!

  106. SimplySage says :

    Beautiful photos, though there seems to be a bit of sadness by all the disrepair. It’s nice to see the children smiling. May they have hope.

  107. Madhu says :

    Gorgeous photos!

  108. Foster says :

    The color is fantastic even in the shade! Keep them coming!

  109. A J says :

    I like fourth shot, it’s kind of cute candid shot!!

  110. Telma Baptista says :

    Beautiful Moçambique! One day I’d like to travel along all portuguese old colonies, from Brazil do India 🙂 If you need, I can help you with the portuguese!

  111. vassi says :

    ncie pic,s

  112. Princesa Xzaviera says :

    An amazing series of photos! Bravo!

  113. novelty says :

    Nice photos!

  114. hannele says :

    great pictures – certainly looks like a place where a week doesn’t even scratch the surface! thanks for sharing 🙂

  115. ligh4043 says :

    I am tempted as well.

  116. toemailer says :

    We would love to post the second from the bottom picture at toemail if you do not mind? http://toemail.wordpress.com

  117. Luna says :

    Do it, its well worth it. We just did the same thing and sold everything we owned and headed for Ecuador. You can read about our adventures at

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