The Eiffel Tower of Madagascar

After spending a week in isolated fishing towns that are not mentioned in guidebooks, I was surprised to find myself surrounded by tourists.  Isalo National Park is the most popular park in Madagascar and “La Fenêtre” is the most popular attraction in the park.  The natural rock formation serves as a window to the setting sun.

I arrived shortly before sunset along with about thirty other tourists, all pushing for the chance to be photographed next to the rocks.  I told my guide that I found the surrounding countryside much more spectacular.  Surprised, he turned to me and said, “but it’s like the Eiffel Tower of Madagsacar, everyone wants to be here”.

I didn’t really like the Eiffel Tower either.


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2 responses to “The Eiffel Tower of Madagascar”

  1. jparrach says :

    When I did my hike to machu picchu a few years back I also noticed all the tourists pushing and shoving for a chance to be photgraphed next to the sun gate. for me the pure beauty of the scenary with the mountains in the background and the ruins sprawled out was more than enough for me.

  2. ver4ik says :

    Thank you for your story. I cant travel now, but i like to read about traveling of other people.

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