Belo-sur-Mer is a friendly village on the west coast of Madagascar.  The city is popular amongst tourists looking to relax for a few days; the Indian Ocean is a deep blue, the streets are filled with sand, and garlic and ginger marinated crab is for sale for 25 cents a pound.

There is another city in Madagascar, located on the banks of the Tsiribihine River, called Belo-sur-Tsiribihine.  I asked the owner of my hotel what the word “belo” means, thinking it is Malagasy for ‘town’ or ‘village’.

“Oh”, he said.  “Belo means something bad.  Really bad.  Like a hundred rotting fish or just as many dead dogs”.

Maybe I didn’t stay long enough to find out where the city gets its name, but I thought Belo-sur-Mer was beautiful, with its white beaches and coral waters and smiling people.


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3 responses to “Belo-sur-Mer”

  1. ComplexSymmetry says :

    So strange to see Coca Cola in such a relatively remote place.

  2. Mel says :

    so gorgeous!

  3. adventures says :

    Absolutely beautiful!!!

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