Stuck in Gisenyi

It is April 7th and I am back from the Congo and stuck in Gisenyi once again.  Buses out of the city have been cancelled because it is Genocide Memorial Day in Rwanda.  I intended to spend only one night in this town, but I have been here for four days.

I’m not the longest resident tourist, though.  RT and GJ have been here for a week.  And at breakfast today I met Gabriel, an American who broke his leg coming down Mount Nyirangongo and who has spent the last ten days in Gisenyi recovering.

Plastic bags are illegal in Rwanda, so Gabriel has fashioned himself a device out of tinfoil, tape, and garbage to protect his cast from the rainy season.  The tinfoil is smeared with gobs of red, and RT asks in horror whether this is blood. “No”, he says,” it is just the remnants of the hamburger I had for lunch one day.”


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2 responses to “Stuck in Gisenyi”

  1. barefoot_med_student says :

    Plastic bags are illegal in Rwanda? That is interesting…

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