What is he thinking about?

Yesterday, I spent the day at Gombe National Park, which is about a three hour boat ride from Kigoma.  The park is famous because it is where Jane Goodall lived and studied chimpanzees in the 1960’s.

My friend KG and I spent an hour watching a chimpanzee family, until a downpour forced us all to take shelter.  The chimps hid under a tree while KG and I hiked back to camp.

This is my favourite picture from Gombe.


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5 responses to “What is he thinking about?”

  1. mamaramseys says :

    Cool post! Seems like you’re a huge fan of wildlife, and Africa is pretty much like a zoo full of various animals!

  2. renaisydaisy says :

    I love this, I bet that was an incredibly relaxing hour.

  3. roamingtheworld says :

    How lucky how lucky! I’m quite Jane Goodall was a big part of my inspiration for being curious about Africa and wanting to see Africa with my own eyes. Chimps. It all started with chimpanzees.

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