A dafu a day keeps the doctor away

The past few days have been intolerably hot.  One last heat wave before I leave Dar.  Is this the city’s way of saying goodbye?

On Sunday morning I lost myself in the maze of downtown for one last time.  Sweating, dehydrated, and cursing the heat, I stopped to buy a coconut from a vendor on the street corner.  For 500 Tsh, he lopped off the top with a machete, gave me a straw, waited for me to drink the coconut milk, and then scraped out the flesh for me to eat.

Coconuts on the street corner.  One of the many things that I will miss about this sweet, sweaty city.


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7 responses to “A dafu a day keeps the doctor away”

  1. aixecantelpolze says :

    Oh, leaving Dar… For a long time? What will happen witn the blog?

    • Megan says :

      I’m done work on Friday and then I am heading out traveling for several months. I’m going to keep writing the blog while I’m traveling!

  2. realmeans says :

    It seems incredibly exciting to be able to see new things and enjoy the different cultural aspects of different locations. I hope you enjoy more of your travels and you keep us updated of your wonderful experiencies. It brings me back to some of the things you see when you travel to my country, Colombia.

  3. roamingtheworld says :

    Delicious. I’m excited to hear about your travel adventures in Africa. Where are headed to first after you leave Dar? And despite the difficulty at times, I highly recommend traveling as the locals do! Some of my most memorable times traveling in Africa are from “being in transit.”

    And if you travel in South Africa, Don’t let South Africans intimidate/scare you too much… I can explain more about this, if you wish!

    • Megan says :

      I’m planning on getting to South Africa in late June / early July. My tentative plan is to spend some time on the Wild Coast and in Capetown. Any tips on those areas would be appreciated!

      • roamingtheworld says :

        I love the Wild Coast and absolutely adore Cape town!
        One of my favorite places in Wild Coast is Bulungula Lodge, http://www.bulungula.com, a sustainable lodge with compost toilets, rocket showers, solar power in a local village along the beautiful coast. Coffee bay is also a great little spot. I wrote about Bulungula lodge on my blog.

        Contrary to what most South Africans will tell you, I took the minibuses in most places yet often questioned myself if I was being stupid to take them. I was always advised not to take them but after 6 prior months of always riding them, I often took them in SA. History continues to influence South Africans opinions of things.

      • Megan says :

        Bulungula is absolutely at the top of my things to do in South Africa. Great write up on your blog – I am really looking forward to it!

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