This moment where there is only possibility

I applied to nearly every law school in Canada, was accepted to more than one, and then struggled to decide where to go.  Halifax or Vancouver?  Toronto or Victoria?  East or West?  Snow or rain?

In the midst of this self-inflicted agony, someone turned to me and said, nothing is better than this, this moment where there is only possibility and you get to choose where to go and what to be.  Next year, you could be living in any corner of this country, in any apartment, on any street.  There is beauty in this choice.

Last night, I spread my travel books on the kitchen table and thought, that’s how I feel right now.  Like a woman with a handful of acceptance letters.  A few tomorrows from now, I could be in Harare or Lilongwe or Maputo or anywhere in between.


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5 responses to “This moment where there is only possibility”

  1. BoundforAdventure says :

    So excited for all your future adventures!!

  2. Gabriele says :

    Dear Megan,
    each decision you take will be the best – first, because you’ll never know what would have brought you another one – and because human beings tend to accept their choice in order to be happy with it 😉 -, and second, because you are a person who will make the best of everything!
    More power to you! Everything will be okay …
    I like you. I like your reflected posts, your grandious pictures, and last not least your strong awareness. I hope you will continue writing your blog: It’s a real pleasure for me to read and to watch it. It gives me a lot.
    All my best wishes accompany you!
    Warm regards

  3. marcopola says :

    Congratulations! Happy for you, but feel a bit sad because I am afraid soon we are not going to see your beautiful stories about Tanzania.

  4. jcaseofbeer says :

    I am in the exact same position as you were deciding on law school. Where to go? East or West (Toronto or Victoria – Vancouver?). This post provided some much needed perspective : ) Safe travels.

  5. Alice says :

    Congrats on the handful of acceptance letters – was there ever any doubt?

    Hope to see you soon 🙂

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