People and food

One of the unexpected joys of writing this blog has been the ability to connect with people from all over the world.  On Monday night I had dinner with the wonderful KN, who wrote to me in December because she had moved to a small town about an hour outside of Dar and had no idea where to buy contact lenses in Tanzania.  I don’t know where to buy contact lenses either, but I was able to hook her up with some great Ethiopian food.  I am looking forward to visiting KN in Bagamoyo.

This evening I met up with Maia, who is in Dar for a few days as part of her year-long tour of Africa (seriously, Maia, how do I get your job?).  I took her to Mamboz, which is one of my favourite restaurants in Dar.  This joint sets up at sundown on a sidewalk at Libya and Morogoro and serves amazing grilled chicken and garlic naan.  We bonded over the joys and frustrations of traveling alone as a woman, watched two little boys share a set of rollerblades (each had a rollerblade on one foot and used his free leg to propel himself down the street), met a family from Toronto, and drank kungu (nutmeg) juice for desert.


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2 responses to “People and food”

  1. Kim Welinski says :

    My mouth is watering!

  2. BoundforAdventure says :

    I had such a wonderful time that night! Thanks for the great conversation and bringing me to an amazing restaurant. Looking forward to hopefully meeting up again!

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