“We’ve stolen from our children”

“There is a saying”, Jane Goodall says, “about how we don’t inherit the earth from our parents but rather borrow it from our children.”  “But we haven’t borrowed it at all,” she continues in her thunderous voice, “we’ve stolen it from our children”.

Last night we all packed into the Little Theatre to meet this seemingly fearless woman who set out for Africa by herself on a ship in 1960, who doesn’t know how to turn a blind eye to the mess we have created of this planet, and who, at the age of 77, still speaks to audiences 300 days of the year, trying to inspire us all to do something, anything to make the world a better place.

After screening her documentary, Jane’s Journey, Dr. Goodall took a few questions.  My favourites were from the wide-eyed children in the audience, who asked her whether she is ever scared, whether chimpanzees really like vegetables, and where she calls home.

Towards the end, a small boy of about eight gripped the microphone and said, with shocking eloquence, “I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say thank you for everything you have done”.  We all laughed, surprised at the open sentiment of his words.

I hope that small boy does speak for all of us, but sometimes I have my doubts.


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3 responses to ““We’ve stolen from our children””

  1. Emily says :

    What a great opportunity! I saw her speak once in a conference and she was inspirational!

  2. jollygalfab says :

    This is amazing Megan, thanks for giving us your perspective.

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