A morning at the Dar es Salaam fish market


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10 responses to “A morning at the Dar es Salaam fish market”

  1. Hoo Sze Ling says :

    I think I saw a blue fish! Is that for real???

  2. 2 Rivers Photos says :

    Great images, its funny seafood doesn’t come to mind when I think of Africa yet they are surrounded by water!

  3. Claire 'Word by Word' says :

    Beautiful photos, love the young man walking with a huge fish over his shoulder, he makes it seem so commonplace, extraordinary!

  4. marcopolosolo says :

    Beautiful pictures! I was just there, but all I could think about was “G-d, this smells!”

  5. Hindupur Avinash says :

    Wonderful pics! You portrayed Africa in a totally different way in my opinion!.. Fish market has some out of “blue” fishes I guess 😉

  6. metgorilla says :

    great photos — i remember the market quite vividly… hoping to do some shopping there in the coming weeks.

  7. Andy says :

    Great photos, These awoke some memories I’d completely forgotten. We had a fish seller who came on a bike with a big “wicker” basket on the back. After you had selected your fish he would very expertly descale and fillet it for you. I especially remember the blue and orange fish.

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