Words of wisdom

Dar is a dusty city.  I am usually covered with sweat and dirt at the end of each day and the white cardigan I brought with me is now a distant memory.  A few weeks ago, one of my colleagues remarked frankly that it was time for me to get new shoes because the ones I was wearing looked “old and dirty and ugly”.

Given this state of affairs, there are stalls set up all around the city, where shoe shiners are always at work sparkling, shining, and buffing tired leather.  I pass this shoe shine stall on my way to work everyday and wonder whether a poet, social critic, or political scientist works there.


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6 responses to “Words of wisdom”

  1. Axel Pliopas says :

    This one deserves a share 🙂

  2. elmer says :

    Many great thinkers never had the power to run for politics

  3. 2 Rivers Photos says :

    so….? did you get new shoes? or did you shine your shoes? 🙂

    • Megan says :

      I bought sandals. It’s not too often that lawyers are allowed to wear beaded sandals to work so I am taking full advantage of this opportunity.

  4. Kim says :

    Ahhhhh – if only more people were as wise as you…

  5. The Hook says :

    Short post – but a powerful one. Great pics, too.

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