When it rains it pours

Last night my computer broke down and this morning I made the mistake of trying to make it to the computer store in Shoppers Plaza.  I ended up knee deep in water.

It has been raining heavily for the past three days.  According to media reports, the rains are the heaviest that Tanzania has experienced since 1961.  Roads are flooded out, an estimated thirteen people have died, and hundreds have lost their homes.  It’s scary.

This morning I made a quick trip to the bank in my neighbourhood and, when the roads seemed okay, I decided to continue on to Shoppers Plaza in a bajaj.  I would have been better off in a boat.  Cars were stuck, a bajaj in front of me had tipped over, and many people had parked their cars at the side of the road and were walking.  The scene resembled a post-apocalyptic disaster movie.

I mentioned to the bajaj driver that I was worried about making it to the airport tomorrow. He laughed and said I had nothing to worry about.  “The trip to the airport will be quick.  There will be no cars on the road.  There will be no roads, but at least you don’t have to worry about a traffic jam”.

Not terribly reassuring.

The sun came out for a few hours this afternoon, but now it looks like it is clouding over again.  We all have our fingers crossed there will be no more rain tonight.

The pictures below are of a neighbourhood close to my house.  More information, as well as pictures of the areas most impacted by the floods, can be found here and here.


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10 responses to “When it rains it pours”

  1. Jenn says :

    Oh wow, that is quite the amount of flooding. Stay safe and good luck catching your flight!

  2. Meaghan says :

    Wow, that’s intense! Hopefully it clears up soon!

    I have a question – I found your blog when it was on the front page and started following it because I’m considering moving to Dar in a few years for work, but a big factor will be my partner’s ability to telework. Would you say that your internet is reliable there, or does it cut out frequently? And do you mind my asking approximately how much it costs?

    Thanks so much! I’m having a great time looking at all your photos and reading about your experiences!

    • Megan says :

      Hi Meaghan,

      Internet here is pretty reliable. I use a USB stick with a sim card. You put the sim card in your phone and top it up with credit, and use it to subscribe to various different plans. I have a plan that allows me to download 3 MGB per week which works out to about $9 per week. It usually works well, but it becomes unbearably slow during times of high usage (usually in the evenings). There are various other providers that may work better. When that fails, there are a few good cafes in town with high speed wireless internet. Hope that helps!

  3. Ange says :

    Sweetie this is VERY disconcerting! Are you okay?? Do you need me to bring something for your computer?

    • Megan says :

      I’m okay and the sun is shining today! I needed a new power cord for my laptop – there have been so many surges here lately that it was fried. It took all day and cost a small fortune but I finally have my computer up and running again.

  4. Don says :

    Hope you catch your flight megan and that the runway is on high ground 🙂

  5. Maia says :

    Wow!! I hope you guys stay safe and you catch your flight! Looks pretty crazy!!

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