It happened again

It happened again.  Another weekend, another uninhabited tropical island, another boat  almost missed.

Mbudya Island is a half-hour boat ride from Dar and the last boat back to the mainland leaves at 5 pm.  When the boat pulled up to the island on schedule, four of our friends were missing, having wandered off in search of a more perfect beach.

We waited.  And stalled.  And negotiated.  And explained to the boatman that our friends would be only a few minutes more.

The boat was about to leave when our friends appeared, explaining that the path to the more perfect beach had been unexpectedly treacherous.

At this point, I’m beginning to think that I am fated to live on a beautiful tropical island.


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6 responses to “It happened again”

  1. travelingmad says :

    Lucky you. There are worse situations (lol).
    This place looks beautiful. Merci for sharing.

  2. appletraveler says :

    Awesomely beautiful! Visiting uninhabited island is a huge privilege ..

  3. saveoursoulafrica says :

    this place is so beautiful…how do i locate there. maybe i will be there this xmas

  4. k Elizabeth says :


  5. Victoria says :

    Your photos have become my desktop background as i dream of being where you are! I hope your training for Kili is going well! Happy holidays.

  6. prairiegirl says :

    Love your blog, Megan!! Will keep checking it to see what you are up to next !!
    Sounds like you are enjoying yourself…. good photography also.
    Merry Christmas … enjoy it wherever you are. All the best in 2012.
    Garry and Claudia

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