Motivation to go to the gym

On Thursday evening I flew to Nairobi to spend the long weekend with JL and CT, who are colleagues and friends.  On the way to Nairobi, my plane flew past Mount Kilimanjaro and it was with alarm that I noted we were flying level with the summit.

The summit push on Kilimanjaro apparently begins in the dark, shortly after midnight.  This is supposedly so that climbers can be at the summit for sunrise and because the scree near the summit freezes at night.  After seeing the summit from the plane, I am suspicious that the real reason the summit push is done at night is so that climbers can’t see how steep it is.

Ten more days of treadmill hill climbing until I leave for Christmas vacation.


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4 responses to “Motivation to go to the gym”

  1. mwilliscroft says :

    Oh my. Such a gorgeous view!

  2. The Hook says :

    Awesome shot! Good luck at the gym!

  3. jingerventures says :

    You should definitely plan a trek to the top of Kilimanjaro. It’s worth it!

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