Too fast / too slow

People often complain that the pace of life in Dar es Salaam is too slow. Bureaucratic red tape, applications for residency that sit in an office for months before they are approved, meetings that don’t start on time, morning gridlock so bad that it can take hours to travel a few kilometers.

This morning, I gripped the side of a bajaj as it sped down the road to work, watched the buildings and trees blur into a rainbow of colour, and thought about how it is all moving too fast.  Yesterday was September and I was just arriving in Dar and now suddenly it is December and I can hear Swahili Christmas carols playing outside my office window.  When I get back from Christmas vacation in January, I will have a little over two months left here.

That is not enough time for this place where the banana trees rustle outside my window at night and the spectacular blue of the Indian Ocean is but a few steps away.

I told the bajaj driver to slow down.


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One response to “Too fast / too slow”

  1. The Hook says :

    You’re operating from a vastly different perspective though, right?

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