Lessons learned

On Tuesday evening, ER and I took our neighbour out for dinner to celebrate her 17th birthday.  KK moved to Dar eight months ago with her parents and two brothers and was not looking forward to a birthday away from her friends at home.

We went to a Mexican restaurant located at Sea Cliff Village, a development with dozens of restaurants, three coffee shops, an ice cream parlour, and a flashy outdoor square.

A few lessons from the evening:

  1. Although most of the food is breathtakingly good in Dar, Mexican restaurants should be avoided.  You can walk into almost any Indian restaurant and legitimately declare it to be the best Indian food you have tasted.  Addis in Dar, the Ethiopian restaurant on Ursino Street, is my new favourite restaurant.  There is an Italian restaurant on the Peninsula that makes pizza so good that it rivals Nicli Antica in Vancouver.  And the Chinese restaurants are equal to those I have been to in Hong Kong.   Dar, however, doesn’t do Mexican.  I am still trying to figure out what exactly was in the “sour cream” that was served with my fajita.
  2. Do not trust a 12-year-old kid to drive you home in a bajaj, even if he quotes a lower fare.  The bajaj will break down, the route will be bumpy and the turns will be sharp, and your arms will be sore from trying to grip the side of the open vehicle so that you do not fly out onto the road.
  3. The cinematic masterpiece that is Dirty Dancing was released in 1987, which was before KK was born.  During a conversation about our favourite Hollywood movies, KK disclosed to me that she had never heard of or seen the movie.  An anxiety provoking fact on the eve of my 30th birthday.
  4. Despite the above, I do not wish that I was turning 17 instead of 30.

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One response to “Lessons learned”

  1. The Hook says :

    About #3: There Are worse admissions to hear from someone!

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