The places in between

This past weekend, almost by accident, my parents, my brother, and I all found ourselves in Tanzania.

My parents arrived in East Africa in late September, planning to visit me in Dar towards the end of their trip. A few weeks after they left home, my brother received an unexpected job offer in Edmonton, quit his job in Eastern Canada, and booked a last minute ticket to Tanzania.

We met in Zanzibar on Friday night and decided to fly to Selous for the weekend.  Selous is a UNESCO world heritage site and the largest conservation reserve in the world.  Early on Saturday morning, we boarded a small unsteady plane and landed on a tiny airstrip set amidst the jungle.

Selous is a landscape of blue, green, and brown, where life and death have entered into an uneasy alliance.  Piles of bones are abandoned on the brown earth; carcasses of elephants, hippos, and giraffes picked clean and bleached white under the strong midday sun.  Birds soar out of trees, fantastic flashes of black, green, orange, and yellow, while blue butterflies flutter near the ground.  Lizards play hide-and-seek in elephant skulls. Grey branches litter the ground, bone dry and twisted into impossible skeletal shapes. Herds of impala kick nervously while giraffe float above the trees and appear to defy time.

A thousand stories a day unfold against the backdrop of the East African sky.

On Saturday morning, we ran into a half-eaten giraffe and, a few feet away, a pride of lions were lazily digesting their breakfast.  By Sunday morning, the giraffe had disappeared. Later, we found it being finished off  by a pack of hyenas, one of whom ran away with the giraffe’s leg in his mouth.  Another passed by our car with trails of blood running out of his mouth.  Later still, some vultures made a meal out of the giraffe’s ribs.

On Saturday afternoon, we found a newborn baby impala being guarded by its mother.  It is about two hours old, our guide said, and will learn to walk in the next few hours.  These first few hours are the most difficult, because the baby impala is helpless against predators.  As if to demonstrate this point, the impala’s mother hissed at us to leave her baby alone and we retreated.

We drove on through the trees and stopped at another pride pride of lions.  This time we were impossibly, fearfully close.  Alone in the jungle with lions that were close enough to touch.  We watched the two small cubs play with twigs, playfully stretch out on their backs, scratch the trees to sharpen their nails.  Our guide explained that we were not appealing to the lions and that we smelled of rubber and exhaust.  This did not sound very reassuring and I hoped that the lions would not become hungry or angry. After many moments, the lions got up, walked past the car, and disappeared into the jungle.

We were lucky to find a family of wild dogs sleeping under a tree.  Panting in the afternoon heat and curled up in the shade.  There are only a few hundred of these dogs remaining in the world and most of them live in Selous.  The puppies do not have a high survival rate, and are frequently eaten by the hyenas.

On Saturday night we slept in tents on the edge of the Rufiji river.  The camp has eight tents and no fence.  It is guarded by members of the Maasai tribe who are armed with spears.  All night long, we listened to the low, flat grunt of hippos in the river, the splash of the water buffalo, and the high-pitched squeal of the cicada.  In the morning, a hippo wandered out of the river and sidled up to the camp to chew on some grass.

I have long been skeptical of safari vacations.  Africa is a diverse and fascinating continent that is too often reduced to its animals and exploited in the name of adventure.  I would rather learn about Tanzania by sitting in a small cafe in Stonetown, drinking spiced coffee, eating chapatis, and watching the people walk by.

And, yet, there is no denying that last weekend was magical, offering a rare glimpse into another world, one where a baby impala gasps its first breath, where lions feast on a giraffe under the shade of a tree, and where human presence is rendered insignificant.

Life, death, and everything in between.

The beauty and the agony.


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  1. Cat Irons says :

    Beautiful words and photos, Megan! xo

  2. CM says :

    Wow Megan, those images are incredible. Thank you so much for sharing – you have made a dreary, greay and work filled Vancouver day much more interesting, enjoyable and exotic! How neat to have your entire family there to experience it.

  3. mwilliscroft says :

    So amazing. I was surprised to hear (somewhere, can’t remember from where) that hippos are extremely dangerous….

    • Megan says :

      Yes, they are really dangerous. I was a bit worried about getting into a boat in the river with all of them. The one that came into our camp just ignored us all because he was fixated on the grass.

      • HobbitSteve says :

        What an amazing experience that must have been!

      • Alison Warner says :

        Once upon a time in Botswana:My shortsighted friend once got up in the middle of the night and seeing “cows” on the grass in the garden went out and booted one in the backside, luckily it waddled off, the nightwatchman who had climbed a tree in terror when the hippos arrived told the whole village and she was an instant legend locally…in fairness she had recently arrived. They say you must never get between a hippo and the river it panics them and then they get aggressive. lemonaday

    • morristownmemos by Ronnie Hammer says :

      …and I always thought they were so chubby and cuddly that I started a collection of them. Glass, wood, ceramic, whatever appealed. Now I discover that they’re not so cute and cuddly after all. What can I collect next?


  4. ange says :

    Oh my gosh – I am going to be absolutely terrified of the lions!!!

  5. Mikalee Byerman says :

    I do love how you all “almost by accident” found yourselves in Tanzania — I’ll bet that’s the first time that sentence has ever been written!

    Beautiful pix…


  6. cravesadventure says :

    Beautiful Photos – thanks for sharing!

  7. Constance V. Walden says :

    Beautiful photos. When I see the lions, I get stressed; but, when I see the hyenas, I get the shivers. Those are some cruel beasts. They’ll eat you alive. Thanks for sharing. Connie

  8. Angles of Secrets says :

    Beautiful photographs! I loved looking at them on my laptop and then seeing the rain fall out of my windows. Makes me realize just a click away there is a world so different than mine. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Yatin says :

    “Our guide explained that we were not appealing to the lions and that we smelled of rubber and exhaust.”
    Thanks for the tip. I’ll remember this on my trip to African wilderness.
    With rubber & smoke you were not appealing for appetite! Is there anything that triggers annoyance for an attack? Just to cover all bases.
    Congratulations on being freshly pressed!

    • Alison Warner says :

      It annoys them when humans steal the back end of a carcass they haven’t finished… me the San (bushmen) do do this, the last bit the lions eat are the hindquarters which for us are the best bit. I have slept in a tent in Botswana and in the morning found lion footprints one metre from the tent. We tracked it in the Landcruiser and found a massive blackmaned male resting further upstream; in some places you could not do that safely however. Always check local knowledge on what the lions are mostly eating that day!! Alison Lemonaday

  10. H-Bomb says :

    Awesome post and spectacular photos! A safari is an amazing experience. I’m jealous that you got to see a hippo that wasn’t 90% submerged in the water. 🙂

  11. Arindam says :

    Beautifully written post. Not to forget these photographs. They are really beautiful Thank you for making us part of this tour.

  12. myzuriart says :

    Amazing Love Your Photos!!!!

  13. Java Girl says :

    What amazing pictures! Great photos and thanks so much for sharing your experience!

  14. Dounia says :

    Great post and really beautiful photos. It must be a wonderful experience to see all that. Thanks for sharing and congrats on being freshly pressed!

  15. Im Dating A One-Percenter says :

    I visited Dar es Salaam in 2004 and fell in love with it!! I then hopped over to Zanzibar and fell more in love with Tanzania. Love the photos-they remind me of an amazing trip!!! Great blog!!! I can share my photos with you if you’d like!!

  16. Jess Banuelos says :

    incredible. i am jealous.

  17. Malou Prestado says :

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  18. jessicadelellis says :

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  19. badlandsbadley says :

    Great pictures. This post makes me very jealous. Very jealous. On an unrelated note, the last picture of the lion shows exactly how I’ve felt all day.

    Man, I need a safari.

  20. Cassie says :

    So hyenas really do look like The Lion King.

  21. valentinedee says :

    Outstanding. I loved how you all ended up in Tanzania. what a story. And your pics are just out of this world. You did an amazing job taking the closeups. Great post.


  22. jingerventures says :

    Amazing pictures! I love the yawn shot of the lion. Brings back my memories of my safari in the Serengeti, Lake Manyara and Ngorongoro Crater.

  23. kristieenriquez says :

    I wanna go there!

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    Wow, I agree. What a magical weekend. I really enjoyed this post – thank you for sharing. 😀

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    Oh my – just beautiful. Your photographs and written descriptions, both. Thanks for sharing them.

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    Looks like an amazing trip!

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    This is so lovely! I was so captivated by the photos and the story, and this is now on my (long) list of places I’d love to visit someday. Your writing style is nice, too; very descriptive. Nice job!

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    You captured some amazing photo’s of these beautiful animals! Love the giraffe photo, and the lion.

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    Megan, your photo-essay took me back to my city Dar! I have relished looking through your lens – a part of my memories in Tanzania. Thanks for the post!

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    The animals (Over 900 of them) are roaming all around your car (windows up by necessity, of course) and often giraffes and lions, etc. will be in the road in front of you so necessary to stop and wait for THEM.

    Only way to see these animals close-up in the US without going to Africa, etc.

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  160. Rayme Wells @ A Clean Surface says :

    Hyenas always give me the creeps, ever since I watched a documentary program about them. Great photos. It definitely sounds like a life changing trip.

  161. fbafrica says :

    The beauty and originality of your experience is amazing. How Tanzania translates its resources into human development is being watched and hopefully the tourism industry will help lift the unfortunate ones.

  162. rjpalli says :

    Amazing, very nice description and stunning photos. I imaginged myself being there. thanks for sharing and blogging.

  163. worldartt says :

    Wow, these are great pictures! The animal shots are really beautiful.

    Check out for sites around the world. I really enjoyed this photographer’s work as well. No animal photos, but the views are great from a few different places around the world.

  164. yeahnup says :

    What a lovely impromptu family trip. The animals are beautiful, I especially love that ambitious hyena.

  165. Sisterhood of the Traveling Military Pants says :

    You just lived out a dream of mine and your pictures are exactly how I imagined! Thank you so much.

  166. desireunleashed says :

    Wow! Thank you so much for sharing the magic of your vacation… especially the fantastic and unique photos. So great and global… I will admit, I’m a bit jealous, it sounds so amazing!

  167. adamoc5 says :

    Very nice words and photos ❤

  168. copycatmom says :

    Love the photo’s, especially the wild dogs. They are so beautiful!

  169. thatvoiceagain says :

    Some amazing photographs.

  170. Alexandra says :

    those photos are really cool. I’ve never actually seen a giraffe up close, a photograph is as close as I’ve ever gotten. you’re quite lucky to have seen them! god bless you and happy new year!


  171. sekx says :

    love the way you write. This post is juicy 😀

  172. gaycarboys says :

    You want give the cats a pat, but they’d take your hand off in a single swipe. Great shots though

  173. Cafe23 says :

    Omg that lion yawning is the best! All the pics are amazing! 🙂

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