Today is Friday and there is electricity.

J, one of the lawyers that I share an office with, is particularly happy about the electricity.  J was called to the bar last year and is a source of entertainment in our office, with his loud and unrestrained sense of humour.  J also has a fondness for technological gadgets.  He has three cell phones, and usually has one pressed up against his ear while the other two ring in his hand.

On days when there is electricity, J also has the remote control for the office air conditioner in hand, which he adjusts to lower and lower temperatures until we are all shivering and my other officemate, L, intervenes.  A battle for the remote control usually ensues.  L usually wins.

Today is Friday and there is electricity and L is not in the office.

This morning, J was perplexed to find me sitting at my desk with the air conditioning off and the window open.  Megan, he said, today is Friday and there is electricity.  I love Fridays.  Life is too short to sit here in the heat.  We must turn on the air conditioning.  We must seize the moment.  All too soon the work day will end and we will have to go home and there will be no air conditioning and we will be hot all weekend.  Okay?

Okay, I said.  And I wondered whether L would be back in the afternoon to rescue me from the sub zero temperatures.


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One response to “Friday”

  1. glasgowgal says :

    Frustrating to have the inverter blow after only a week. Very interesting post. Thanks.

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