Stone Town

Stone Town is a network of narrow roads, tight corners, and thick wooden doors.  I spent the weekend getting lost, retracing my steps, and resigning myself to the fact that I was more likely to arrive at my destination by wandering aimlessly than by plotting a route on a map or memorizing landmarks.

On Saturday afternoon Stone Town’s streets were crowded with throngs of tourists in their best safari-coloured outfits and vendors selling brightly coloured jewellery.  By Sunday morning the safari-beach-package crowd had moved on to the next destination, and the streets were quieter with only a few shops open for tea or fruit and the occasional child gliding by on a bicycle.


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One response to “Stone Town”

  1. greenerpasturesind says :

    Zanzibar is like a dream destination; exotic and intriguing. The streets remind me so much of India.

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