Bajaj Ride Through the City

I start work tomorrow, and ER starts on Thursday, so this morning we set out via bajaj to find our offices.  The addresses that we had been given were a bit vague.  I was told that WLAC’s offices are next to the Soja pub off Kinondoni Road and ER was simply told that the offices for Lawyers for Human Rights was located behind the Institute for Social Work.  Dar is a large city of about 3 million people, and there is a language barrier that prevents us from giving directions to most drivers, so we were mildly concerned that we would not easily be able to find these landmarks.

After only a few wrong turns and several stops to ask for directions, the bajaj driver found WLAC’s office pretty easily.  The offices for LHR proved more elusive.  It quickly became clear that the bajaj driver had no idea where he was going and he had to stop every few blocks to ask for more directions.  This didn’t really help, as nobody else seemed to know where either the Lawyers for Human Rights offices or the Institute for Social Work were located.  We turned down dirt road after dirt road, passing homes, office buildings, mosques, and stores.  We were enjoying the ride, and it proved to be a good way to tour the city, but the bajaj driver seemed to be growing frustrated.  Eventually a group of men having tea on the corner told the bajaj driver they knew where to go, and that the offices were right around the corner.

We turned the corner and arrived at a Baptist Church with English language services.  Not exactly what we were looking for, but I can understand the reasoning.

After a few more wrong turns we eventually found the offices for LHR, although the bajaj driver must have thought we were slightly mad for driving around all morning to find an office that was clearly closed.

I’m hoping that the drive to work tomorrow morning takes much less than half a day.


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2 responses to “Bajaj Ride Through the City”

  1. mwilliscroft says :

    but…did you find a place yet?

    • Megan says :

      No! It is proving very difficult. I want nothing more at this point than to move away from the disco (who parties until 4 am on a Sunday???) into what I envision to be a quiet and peaceful apartment.

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