Bonsai Tree: An Epilogue

My bonsai tree has found a home with CM, who is a friend of MW’s, and who read of the bonsai’s plight in my blog posting last week.  The adoption was initiated by MW, who wrote me the following email on Wednesday morning:

Do you still have that damn bonsai? CM wants it.

CM was kind enough to bring me a bottle of wine in exchange for the bonsai, which has almost helped to numb the pain of the Craigslist nightmare.

Here is to hoping that the bonsai will have a long and happy life in CM’s office.


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2 responses to “Bonsai Tree: An Epilogue”

  1. cm says :

    It’s a beauty and looks pretty happy in my office. Thanks again.

    Ps – I thought the name of the wine was fitting for your next chapter in life (which I think is truly admirable, by the way). Safe travels.

  2. mwilliscroft says :

    I’m like a bonsai pimp!

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