Seat 12C

My flights are (finally) booked.  On September 13, I’m leaving Edmonton to make my way to Dar es Salaam via London and Nairobi.   Three continents, 18 hours in the air, and a new place to call home.  If all goes according to plan*, on September 15 I will be walking the sweaty streets of Dar trying to locate Q-Bar, where ER and I will live while we try to find an apartment.

*The last two legs of this journey are with Kenyan Airways and previous involvement with this airline has not been entirely successful.  


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3 responses to “Seat 12C”

  1. glasgowgal says :

    I think you mean September, n’est pas? I hope the flights go on time and smoothly. What is Q-Bar?

  2. Megan says :

    Hah! you’re right….call it wishful thinking. Q-Bar is a hostel / hotel that comes highly recommended…

  3. mwilliscroft says :

    What happened with Kenyan Airways??? Nevermind, you can tell me on our next wine night…

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